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Drawing the Apple

Why is drawing the apple such a popular trope in learning art?
Honestly, if I had my way teaching, I would tell students to draw a white sphere on a white background instead. That is an infinitely more challenging option for new students. The apple, however, is a lot more accessible I would assume.
Observation is a key part in how an artist understands reality. We are bound by the rules of the realm we live in. Assuming a student is looking to draw with their earnest effort, the hours to analyze how an apple exists in our realm is more than enough to teach everything when it comes to art. Before we want to draw our favourite cartoon characters, we must understand that everything we inevitably draw will come back to the fundamentals of drawing the apple.
So what are you really supposed to look for when you’re put into the situation of having to draw it? The answer: everything. Contours, Positive, and Negative space
The inevitable first step for a beginner artist is to analyze its con…

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