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Art of Chow 2017 Year in Review

With every year, I always look back at my favourite pieces each month. Every painting I do (and even those I don’t publish) teach something different. Every artwork only makes your next one better. I always see it as a game; imagine yourself leveling up every time you draw and paint. It’s a good way to see it even if not every piece is a masterpiece.
With that said, here is my elaborate blog on what my favourite pieces this year and what I’ve learned from each one.

Jan 2017: Scarlett and Wolf I started off the year inspired by elaborate pixel art. While I am too much of a painter to really enjoy the process of pixel art myself, I decided to take their shape language into a piece. This particular piece actually taught me a lot about shapes in a composition. I can look back and think, however, that the rendering style just isn’t something I want to do again. Changing the way the “paint” looks will be a very common theme throughout this year.

Feb 2017: A2 This really was the beginning of …

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