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Let’s hypothetically imagine an artist who has mastery in every single aspect of art. Even with all the capabilities, that artist would not be able to capture every emotion possible in artwork. That’s because every artist must prioritize a particular message in their art.
I want you to take a glance at the top of the line professionals in any art field. Most of them have an “artist’s statement”, a detailed description of what an artist aims for in their work. These tend to be self-written or written by someone credible to speak for them. On either end, a good artist’s statement summarizes the entirety of an artist’s soul.

Call me ADHD but a lot of these statements can be overly winded and pretentious. They tend to be aimed at the grandmother strolling in a gallery to have a catalyst for hour long conversations on how “deep” an artist’s work is. I thought of a much simpler way to fulfill what a statement does while keeping it elegantly deep: adjectives.
Every artist prioritizes certai…

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