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Style and Subject Matter Dance Together

Have you ever looked at your favourite artists and think, “This artist just has ‘it’”?
I will be honest; art is very hard to explain. While the technical aspects of art can be taught pretty handily at any school, the creation of art that resonates with audiences is something individual to the artist. Knowing that, I will try my best to describe what gives the x-factor to a top-end professional.
Every artwork has two universal aspects: the style and the subject matter. Without being too long-winded, subject matter is WHAT the artist is placing on a canvas and style is the execution of said subject matter. When an artist has “it”, their subject matter always compliments their style and their style always compliments their subject matter. This, of course, varies in infinite possibilities, which is exactly why I’ve mentioned it’s hard to teach in a generic educational institution like art college.
As viewers, it is very easy to be impressed by the rendering technique on a painting. Howev…

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